About the Owner

Gary Hogan

Gary Hogan has over 38 years of experience in the general construction and industrial maintenance field. Throughout his career he is gained an immense amount of knowledge in several different areas. He has recently acquired licenses in several different areas including HVAC, Refrigeration, Gas, and Plumbing. This makes Hogan perfectly suited to perform in every area of construction and maintenance. Hogan’s construction career began in 1976 when he began working for several different companies. During these years, Hogan performed multi-craft work on several small industrial projects. He also completed multi-craft maintenance for 3M, Darworth Chemicals, Firestone, and Georgia Power Plant, working his way up from construction supervisor. Gary then served as the Assistant Director of Maintenance for Parkway Medical Center. In this role he was responsible for central plant operations, electrical maintenance, and mechanical maintenance of the equipment and facility. This lead Hogan to serve as a Service Technician for Smith Service Corporation where he gained experience in commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration services. In addition, Hogan participated in project pricing and installation on new construction, as well as, retrofit on existing equipment. Hogan’s next position was at Wesfam Restaurants where he spent 23 years. He served as the Director of Facilities Maintenance and New Construction for the franchise’s stores across North Alabama area. In this role, he oversaw the development and remodeling of several quick-serve restaurants. In this capacity, Hogan served as an owner representative and gained a vast amount of knowledge in project management and construction. He developed an understanding for the importance of timely completion, budget constraints, and franchisor requirements.  Recently, Hogan has transitioned into a full time endeavor of the company he started in 2010, Hogan’s Mechanical Services. Hogan currently resides in Madison, Alabama and is looking to pursue projects in the surrounding areas.

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