About HMS

Hogan’s Mechanical Services, LLC (HMS) was formed in 2010 to provide general, mechanical, and industrial contracting services. We are an Alabama registered LLC and an Alabama licensed General Contractor in Building Construction (BCU4) with a specialty in HVAC. HMS is also a licensed state contractor in HVAC and Refrigeration, Plumbing and Gas. HMS seeks to provide services to companies in North Alabama and surrounding areas for projects totaling $1 million and below. HMS differentiates itself from other general contractors with our unique ability to self-perform key portions of the scope as needed to ensure completion of the project in a timely manner.

HMS began as a part-time venture for owner, Gary Hogan, while employed by a quick-serve franchise. Initially, HMS began by performing general contracting services for the projects of this franchise. From there, HMS began to grow as it transitioned into a full time business, completing small and large projects over our short history.

HMS is ready to complete any project type needed by our customers. Hogan’s 23 years of experience in the quick-serve industry and 15 years of industrial experience prepares HMS to meet objectives in project development, construction, remodeling, and maintenance of facilities. With past experience acting as an owner representative, HMS deeply understands the importance of timely completion of scope, meeting budgeting constraints, and the necessity of construction of a compliant facility. This relevant experience makes HMS well-suited for any type of project management, industrial services and construction.

Our versatility allows HMS to operate as a General Contractor or as a subcontractor. We have the ability to provide a complete range of building, mechanical, maintenance, and industrial services, including but not limited to general construction, HVAC, process piping, industrial refrigeration, and most any aspect of building services needed. If you have needs, we have answers! Just ask!


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